Welcome to the Website

I'm Tom, a Classics student at the University of Edinburgh. I made this site originally to practice developing a site, but later used it to advertise fundraising for a year out before University with Project Trust. I now mostly use it for travel blogging (see the links).

Still setting some parts of the site up!


My page on China covers the year out before university, during which I volunteered with the charity Project Trust as an English teacher in Karamay (Xinjiang province, China).


The Photos page is a collection of some of the photos I've taken, mostly posted at various places around the internet (500px, Flickr, Instagram, ...). The vast majority (if not all) of the photos on here were taken by (or of) me.


During my year in China I kept a weekly blog (plus topical extra posts) which can be found on the Blog page. I haven't kept it up since returning to the UK, largely because (in a week, anyway) not enough tends to happen to warrant a post; in China, even the seemingly mundane and day-to-day was strikingly different to normal routines back home.

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