1. Plug sockets fit either everything or *nothing*
    Literally. UK, European, North Korean, you name it, it’ll fit. On the flip side, choose the wrong plug and, well, good luck. Wyd China?
  2. Metro carriages have blessèd AC
    Doesn’t stop the smell of certain bodily odours, but it does give you the chance to cool off before you delve back into the heat.
  3. Random acts of unexpected kindness are much more common
    Strangers can be so much more generous than in the UK. Case in point, a lady at the temple today gave Kirsten an umbrella because she didn’t have one. And wouldn’t take it back!
  4. Green means go, and so does red
    Crossing the street essentially becomes a game of chicken, based on how fast the vehicle is going and whether you technically have right of way. There is a knack to it.
  5. Strangers will occasionally ask for random photos
    Usually at tourist sites where you essentially become another minor attraction. Less so in big cities, but it’s already happened again this time to Kirsten!

Kirsten and I in the rain, about 10 minutes prior to her being gifted an umbrella of her very own

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