1. Loo Roll
    Cannot stress how vital this is. ‘Just holding it in’ becomes a non-option. I’ll stop before I overshare.
  2. Water
    Tap water is not drinkable so it’s a choice of either boiling water taps or buying horrendously overpriced bottles on the train. Or bringing your own.
  3. Hand Sanitiser
    As above, tap water is not drinkable and always leaves my hands feeling sticky. There’s no soap and the toilets can be g r o s s. 70% proof baijiu would probably also do the trick, albeit with a strong smell.
  4. Fruit
    Pot noodle is fine. Self-heating rice is witchcraft. Train food is tasty enough, if overpriced. But dear gods will you crave fruit unless you bring some with you.
  5. (e)Books
    If staring out of the window, being leered at by creepy men or failing to use your patchy mobile data gets boring, it’s worth having something to read. Or something to write, like extraneous blog posts.

I will never tire of watching countryside roll past from the relative comfort of a bed.

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