Summer 2018

七号:Into Tur(frying)pan, and Into the Fire

I once said that Turpan was akin to living inside a pizza oven, and my most recent visit has only served to strengthen this particular belief. The sweltering climate's only relief is its low humidity, but the urban legends about eggs boiling themselves on the ground don't come from nothing, that's all I'm saying. Worst for me is the fact that the Sun is a few hours behind the times (Beijing time, to be precise), so 2-5pm is actually the hottest period, when the Sun reaches its zenith. This means that it doesn't start to cool off until very late at night - something my confused body simply cannot cope with. (more…)

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5 Things

5 Things to Prepare You for Xinjiang

  1. SWAT teams are your friends No, really. If your papers are in order and you’re not doing anything wrong, they’re there to protect you as much as anyone else. Coming from the UK, I find it unnerving and intimidating when faced with armed police - but I also understand that I am lucky enough to be in a position where I will not be targeted beyond the occasional micro-aggression with which any foreigner in China will be familiar. Once you get past that, the police presence is actually weirdly reassuring. Who on Earth would mug you in front of a policeman?!
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